Worried about your health? Are you bathing in Western style?

Worried about your health? Are you bathing in Western style?

Japanese bathing style has many benefits.

As people often say “Japanese people love baths”, bathing is one of the indispensable lifestyles now and in the past. By bathing in a bathtub, you can realize many effects such as "warming the body," "relieving body fatigue," "relaxing," "removing sweat and body dirt," and "improving blood circulation"1-3). Needless to say, there are many benefits for the anal area. Not only does it keep your anus clean, but warming it can relieve blood congestion. So, it may be an effective way to prevent hemorrhoids at home.4).

Also, it has been found that the Japanese bathing style is superior to the Western style shower bathing, which has a low heat retention effect, in warming the whole body and promoting blood circulation in the bathtub.

Though Japanese bathing style is appreciated by foreigners, are the Japanese westernized conversely?

In the United States, Japanese bathing style in a bathtub is attracting attention, and it is said that foreign tourists going to public baths in Japan are increasing2).

However, in Japan, conversely, the number of "shower bathers" whose purpose is only cleaning their bodies, and never soak in the bathtub is increasing1, 2). The important thing in the self-prevention of hemorrhoids is not only to take a shower, but to soak in the bathtub. Let's practice “Japanese bathing style” as a daily lifestyle.

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