What is a gentle diet that regulates the rhythm of bowel movements?

What is a gentle diet that regulates the rhythm of bowel movements?

Above all, it is important to develop a right bowel habit to live a life gentle for the health of your rectum and anal area. And to maintain proper bowel movements, it is essential to eat well, particularly to consume sufficient dietary fiber.

Currently, the daily intake of dietary fiber in adults is around 14 g (according to the results of the National Health and Nutrition Survey in 2007). The ideal intake is considered to be 19 g or more for men and 17 g or more for women (18 years or older for both) [from Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese (2010)]. Try to consume about 20 g a day.

However, caution is required depending on the type. Foods such as burdock root and mushrooms, which have long fibers, may harden and get stuck in the anus, so be careful of the cooking methods. For your information, foods with fine fibers include corn, okara, and soybean flour.

Nevertheless, the length of dietary fiber can be difficult to judge, so it is a good idea to cut the foods high in dietary fiber into small pieces.

There are water-insoluble dietary fiber and water-soluble dietary fiber. Well-balanced intake is important.

Insoluble dietary fiber

Since it does not dissolve in water, the bulk of the stool is increased. Also, it has the property of swelling when absorbing water. Be sure to chew insoluble dietary fiber well.

Food ingredients

  • Various types of green leafy vegetables such as Japanese radish leaves, turnip leaves, and spinach
  • Root vegetables such as Japanese radish and lotus root
  • Corn, okara, and soybean flour

Water-soluble dietary fiber

They have the property of softening stool by holding moisture.

Food ingredients

  • Apple, strawberry, fig, and banana
  • Potatoes, carrot, tomato, and pumpkin
  • Konnyaku
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