Question to a doctor
“Lifestyles which place a burden on the anal”

Question to a doctor “Lifestyles which place a burden on the anal”

Caution must be exercised not to remain seated for a long time and not to drink excessive alcohol.

Persons who have to remain in the same posture, such as drivers or farmers sitting or crouching for a long time, should take precautions for anal disorders, which are likely to develop due to pressure on the anal region. After sitting for more than one hour, it is recommended to stretch your back, stand up or bend your knees and do stretching exercises.
Caution should be exercised not to drink excessive alcohol. Although the relationship is unclear, there are many patients visiting our hospital due to anal bleeding on the day after excessive alcohol intake. In addition, a metabolite of alcohol may cause dermatitis. As excessive alcohol intake may affect the anal condition, patients with symptoms of hemorrhoids should refrain from drinking too much alcohol.

Chief Director Chairman, Sapporo Ishiyama Hospital Dr. Gentaro Ishiyama

Dr. Gentaro Ishiyama
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Playing golf frequently can be detrimental to the anus.

We observe that farmers in our area frequently have to squat to carry out their agricultural work, which is detrimental to the anus. I think that, when people remain in a squatting position, excessive pressure is put on the anus, causing anal stretching. Drivers who drive a vehicle for long hours and desk workers; i.e., persons, whose perianal blood flow is constantly poor, must take precautions not to have anal disorders. Playing golf frequently can also be detrimental to the anus. There are many people whose anal region has become swollen after playing golf because the golf swing puts much pressure on the anus. At our hospital, golf is included in the forbidden items after anal surgery listed in the instruction sheet provided to patients. For prophylaxis against hemorrhoids, it is recommended that patients immerse themselves in a bath (wherever possible). It is more important to improve blood flow than to keep the body clean. It is recommended for patients to immerse themselves in a bathtub even in summer, and patients are also instructed to cover their lower half of the body using a towel to prevent coldness of the hips.

Director of Matsuda Hospital Dr. Satoshi Matsuda

Dr. Satoshi Matsuda
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Standing up from the chair at regular intervals when engaged in sedentary work.

The followings can be listed as factors that are obviously associated with hemorrhoids (piles): “sitting on the toilet for a long time,” “frequent bowel movements,” and “frequent sitting on the toilet.” "Straining at stool for a long time" is also one of the factors. People who engage in sedentary work should exercise caution because prolonged sitting may adversely affect anal conditions. However, simply standing up and then sitting down every 20 minutes will reduce pressure on the anal region even if over a period of two hours. This sitting and standing action improves blood flow. It is also effective to warm the anal region in a bath.

Special Advisor, Department of Surgery, Kenporen Osaka Central Hospital Dr. Toru Saito

Dr. Toru Saito
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